Honored to Support JAL FHCC through the ITOSIS Contract

Through the ITOSIS contract, BDR is honored to partner with the VA's Office of Information Technology at JAL FHCC in North Chicago, delivering comprehensive IT services including network support, project management, and security compliance, all aimed at enhancing the center's IT infrastructure.

November 8, 2023

We are deeply privileged to announce our collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Office of Information Technology (OIT) at the James A. Lovell, Federal Health Care Center (JAL FHCC) in North Chicago via the Information Technology Operations, Sustainment, and Infrastructure Support (ITOSIS) contract.

Our extensive services encompass technical planning, coordination, and operational support, ensuring a seamless implementation of networked IT systems, applications, and related hardware. Further offerings include IT project management, robust network services support, asset inventory management, dedicated helpdesk services, and a strong focus on documentation, security risk management, compliance, and emergency operation support.

We are excited to elevate the IT infrastructure at the JAL FHCC and commit to exceptional service delivery.

Chris Kim

Senior Vice President of Growth