FHIR for
U.S. Public Sector

FHIR® is the future of healthcare data exchange.

BDR Solutions has partnered with Smile Digital Health to bring award-winning SmileCDR FHIR software into a complete federal solution. With BDR – a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) – you have full access to the enterprise-grade FHIR solutions, FHIR integration experts, and long-term operational staffing tailored specifically to align with U.S. federal contract vehicles and public sector compliance.

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FHIR is an essential component to health information exchange and interoperability in modern health IT.
Dr. Blackford Middleton
Former CIO, Vanderbilt MC and HIMSS Chair
BDR Advisor
Most FHIR implementation costs are in data source integration. Having a team with domain, operational, and technical expertise is critical to putting green lights in front of your sports car.
Dr. Preston Lee, PhD, MBA, FAMIA
CTO, Logica Health
HL7 Foundry Consultant
BDR Vice President of Data and Innovation
FHIR is key to our nation's ability to provide agile response to fluid public health situations. Interoperability at scale is no longer optional.
James Tong
SVP, BDR Solutions

Systems Integration

No one deploys FHIR on an island. BDR's additional partnership with Snowflake and other FHIR-enabled software vendors provides connectivity into your data science platforms, business intelligence tools, and existing clouds.

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Read and Write FHIR

You have use cases beyond read-only reporting and analytics. BDR supports writing of data via FHIR and provides conduits for native data transformations back to your systems of record, data warehouses, and data streaming platforms.

BDR FHIR implementations align agency needs to ONC policies to unlock a broad ecosystem of 3rd-party software and open source platforms.

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  • SMART-on-FHIR support allows web-based GUIs and custom experiences to read and write FHIR data.

  • CDS Hooks enablement extends the features of your data beyond native functions.

  • Event streaming from FHIR data stores allows for time-critical notifications and data subscriptions.