DGR secures VA Information Security Policy Program (ISPP)

Dynamic Government Resources (DGR), BDR Solutions managed joint venture, secures a contract with the VA to enhance cybersecurity, aligning with Executive Order 14028 and Zero Trust Principles, ensuring robust policy development in line with the VA's OIT security strategy. DGR's partnership with the VA focuses on advancing information security policies, leveraging emerging technologies to strengthen governance, and support the implementation within the VA's cybersecurity framework.

November 15, 2023

The VA awarded the Information Security Policy Program (ISPP) to Dynamic Government Resources (DGR), a BDR Solutions managed joint venture. DGR will support the VA Office of Information Technology (OIT) Office of Information Security Policy and Strategy (ISPS) in developing, implementing, and measuring cybersecurity policies. Our cybersecurity experts will align operations and governance to conform to VA Office of Information Security (OIS) cybersecurity strategy, Executive Order 14028 – Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity Strategy, and M-22-09 – Moving the US Government Toward Zero Trust Cybersecurity Principles.

DGR will lead collaborations with various VA Stakeholders to drive policy development in the areas of emerging cybersecurity technologies, tools, governance, and implementation support to develop and update policies within the VA information security policy (handbook 6500 series).

Chris Kim

Senior Vice President of Growth