BDR supports Par Ex Preparation for the Veterans Affairs Greater Atlanta Area

BDR Solutions and Palantir have partnered to revolutionize the healthcare industry by leveraging advanced technologies and data-driven insights to improve healthcare and benefit eligibility outcomes, administrative efficiency, and the overall Veteran experience.

November 29, 2023

BDR Solutions has been awarded a contract to expedite crucial logistics projects for the VA, ensuring the meticulous management of medical supplies across various facilities. This pivotal work includes the implementation of an advanced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system, the streamlining of inventory processes through the Par Ex Preparation project, and ensuring compliance with the Expendable Supply Compliance project. Additionally, BDR is tasked with optimizing storage and distribution via accurate data management and inventory systems, and enhancing staff competencies through a comprehensive training program in Supply Chain Management, signifying a significant step forward in the efficiency of VA logistical operations.

Chris Kim

Senior Vice President of Growth